Founded 1978
Worth Industries Staff & Board of Directors
Worth Industries Staff Worth Industries Board of Directors

Dave Orr
Executive Director

Maxine Robinson
General Manager

Jennifer Callies
Office Manager

John Traum
Quality Control/Warehouse Manager

Bob Orr
Sales & Marketing Director

Russell Hill

Transitional Trainers
Lisa Heppermann
James Tetreault
Chris Valencia
Pamela Ward
Jamie Whitman

George Robinson

Chris Diel

(Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows)

Vice President
Charlie Edwards

(Sigma Aldrich)

Lisa Silver

(Sigma Aldrich)

Paul Giljum

(Archdiocese of St. Louis)

Norma Browne (Ameren)
Deacon Andy Daus (Retired - 3M)
Paul Dudenhoeffer (Retired - Nestle)
Frank Helmer (Retired - Monsanto)
Bill Herberholt (Graphic Masters)
John Hibbler (Sigma Aldrich)
Bernard Hunter
(Sigma Aldrich)
Jim Sweeney (Retired - Kellwood Co.)
Elmer Wucher (Retired - Boeing)

~ Extended Board ~

Herlinda Haymer
(Mother of employee)
Dave Mueckl (Business Consultant)
Mary Perkins
(Mother of employee)
Phil Sweeney (Retired - St. Louis County Circuit Court)


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